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A Magnificent Stay at Hotel Royal

Situated inside forty-seven acres of magical woodland, Hotel Royal is a hidden gem amongst the numerous hotels within the Evian Resort. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, it was no challenge to feel relaxed as soon as we arrived.

We selected the ‘Junior Suite Rotonde’ for our stay which is located in the alcove in the middle of the hotel. The suite is magnificently decorated and includes carefully selected décor to ensure a stunning appearance, with unbroken views to the lake from almost every window, including the one in the bathroom, this suite is truly fit for a king!

Due to the beautiful setting we were reluctant to leave the Hotel. However, we are glad we did! We visited two fantastic restaurants; Les Fresques and La Veranda.

Les Fresques was elegant and offered a set menu and a la carte, all of the options were very appealing, and we would have loved to try everything on the menu! The selection included, but was not limited to; ossetra caviar, blue lobster, wild sea bass, and juicy and flavourful venison.

We visited La Veranda on our second day. La Veranda is classy and beautifully located, with great views. The restaurant specialises in using the freshest ingredients when preparing meals which was noticeable throughout every course, sole, lamb shoulder and pork fillets ending with a moist apple tart for dessert.

We loved being able to enjoy our meal slowly, whilst taking in the beautiful surroundings.  Our daughter was thrilled that she had so much to see while we were eating, and we are thrilled she was able to experience such breathtaking scenery.

As parents to a young child, the thought of finding time to relax and enjoy a massage together has been a novelty, however, we were able to make this a reality during our stay! The staff are so friendly and organised and we felt so refreshed and relaxed afterwards. Unfortunately, we only had time for one treatment but we were able to enjoy some family time and unwind in the jacuzzi and infinity pool which overlooks the magnificent Lake Geneva.

The kids club is fantastic and caters to all ages. Our daughter was engaged, happy and made a couple of new friends. The staff in the kid’s club were professional and fun and provided a great balance of structured and non-structured playtime. Although our daughter may not remember much of it, I definitely will.

We enjoyed every moment of our stay at this hotel and our only problem is that we did not stay longer! We will definitely be returning when our daughter is a little older.

Our Ratings:
Location: 9/10 Food & Breakfast: 10/10
Design: 9/10 Customer Service: 10/10
Pool & Spa: 10/10 Value for money:10/10
Rooms: 9/10 Overall Experience: 9/10
Book it:

A night at Hotel Ermitage starts at £500 for the Castel Lake View room.
Visit their website www.hotel-ermitage-evian.com/ for more information.

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