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Getting Out and About in the City with Our Baby Jogger City Go i-Size [Product Review]

As a busy mom of one, I love simplifying my life as much as I possibly can, especially when it comes to going out and about in the city.  I like to make sure that everything I use can be effortlessly incorporated, so that I do not need to move my baby from one item to another.

Our City Go i-Size has helped me immensely with this problem. The convenient Isofix stay-in-car base fits securely into my vehicle at all times so I know that my baby’s car seat will always be safely fitted into the car and my City Go i-Size connects quickly and easily to both the iSofix base for car journeys and to my fabulous Baby Jogger.  Now, I can simply keep my little one in her car seat (in both the car and pushchair) at all times, making journeys less stressful for both me and baby.

The City Go i-Size also has a selection of inserts, that contain memory foam, to keep your child comfy on long journeys and to adjust the shape of the car seat as they grow. You wouldn’t believe how happy it makes me when I notice that my little girl has fallen asleep during our car ride. I always hated the fact that I might wake her up during transitions or on bumpy roads and now I never need to worry about that again!

Of course, there are many other reasons why I love our City Go i-Size.  First, this car seat is very lightweight, only weighing 13.2kg, which means I can carry it whenever I am unable to use my Baby Jogger pushchair.  While I do not love carrying a car seat around as I am shopping or running errands, at least I know that I will be returning home in a lot less pain than if I were using a bulkier and heavier car seat.

I can’t forget about the luxurious look of this seat either, there are times when I wish that I could snuggle up inside of it, as it looks so comfortable!  My little one has never felt and looked so safe when she is tucked inside the five-point safety harness with the memory foam underneath her and I am safe in the knowledge that the side impact protection and steel reinforced frame have all met with i-Size crash testing requirements. It really is the safest spot for her.

I also love all the little extra features like the hood canopy, which has helped tremendously when we have been out strolling along the city streets as the sun shines down on us.  There is an SPF of 50+ coating on the hood, so I never need to worry about the sun’s rays getting through it to my baby.

Also the base of the City Go i-Size has a seven position recline, which will allow my little girl to use this car seat for a longer period of time. Of course, European belt path routing is another great feature that we love when we are traveling.  It allows us to use a different method of transportation without needing to take the base with us for shorter trips.

I am so happy with everything that City Go i-Size has to offer it has completely changed the way I feel about heading out into the world with my baby.

RRP: £215.00 (with Isofix £350.00 RRP). For more information please visit: City Go i-Size

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