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Exploring Alentejo with Our City Mini 10th Anniversary Edition

Our City Mini 10th Anniversary worked so well as we explored the streets near our home, that we decided that we needed to take it with us on our recent trip to Alentejo in Portugal.  This area of the world is extraordinary, but due to its rustic nature, we were hopeful that are City Mini 10thAnniversary was up to the task.  After all, we didn’t want to get stranded with a baby out in the “middle of nowhere”!

Well, the City Mini 10th Anniversary exceeded our standards and then some.  We were able to wander around Alentejo without a worry in the world, as we came across rolling hills, medieval sites, and rugged shorelines.  One of the first places we set our sights on was the Church of S. Bartolomeu in Vila Vicosa.  This building was constructed during the 17th century and the Baroque features could be spotted everywhere we turned.  There are three levels of windows that drew our eyes up to the bell towers.  We were able to easily maneuver our City Mini 10th Anniversary through the aisles of the church as we looked at the impressive marble and gilt carvings.

Not too far away from the church is the Ducal Palace, which was began construction in the 16th century, but the work was not completed until the 18th century.  There are fifty rooms open to the public, and since they were on three different floors, we chose to fold our City Mini 10thAnniversary, using the nifty one hand fold feature and carry our daughter through each one.


The Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Conception was the next attraction we passed as we were strolling along pushing our daughter.  We ventured inside to see the three naves, as well as some of the treasures that have been placed there.

The Vila Vicosa Castle piqued our interests due to the phenomenal views that we could see everywhere.  However, it was the views to the west, over Porta de Evora, that made us stop and stand there for a minute or two longer.

Since this is the marble capital of the world, we knew that we had no choice but to head into the Marble Museum.  We did learn a lot while we were there, but it was in no way as amazing as seeing all the marble that was used to construct many attractions and other buildings throughout the town.  At least, inside the museum, we learned about the quarrying of this material and how much of an impact this material has had on the success of this area of the world.

It didn’t matter how rustic the roads were or where we went as we explored Alentejo in Portugal, as our City Mini 10thAnniversary managed to take it all in its stride and help us carry on with our mini adventure.  Our daughter didn’t feel any jostling, we never needed to use excessive force to move the stroller along, and it fit everywhere that we needed it to.

Now all we need to do is determine where else we want to visit, so that we can continue using our City Mini 10thAnniversary to explore the world and continue our adventures as a family of three.

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For more information about the City Mini 10th Anniversary please visit: City Mini 10th Anniversary

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