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Exploring London with Baby Jogger City Tour Lux (Adventure Starts Here)

We love to travel, but with children it can be very difficult because we need to take lots of baby items with us. There have been a number times when we have forgotten the baby carrier or travel cot, which would have made our trip much more relaxing.

For our recent getaway this August, we visited London for four days. Four days for some might not seem like a lot, but with a child, it can seem like an eternity! Thankfully, we had our new Baby Jogger City Tour LUX with us to make life much easier.

We stayed at Blakes Hotel, and whilst we stayed in the hotel for breakfast and dinner, we wanted to venture out to the city to explore during the day. We had beautiful weather with and the sun shining down on us more often than not. We did have rain one day, but it was only for an hour, maybe two, and then it was over.

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We spent our time strolling along the streets and popping into the stores and unique boutiques that we passed. The City Tour LUX made this super easy, because it is lightweight and very compact. We could fold it up and carry it when we were in smaller spaces or when I was carrying our child, and the rest of the time it’s lightweight wheels meant to could go wherever we wanted.

On one of the days, we stopped at Chi Kitchen on Oxford Street for a bite to eat. We wheeled the stroller into the restaurant and folded it up quickly and easily. Even better still, due to the compact fold, were able to place it near our table without disturbing other guests.

Our little one loves this stroller and will even fall asleep in there without any warning. While I love it for that, my favourite part is that it is stylish and yet realistic for us to use. There was plenty of room in the bottom basket for us to place the diaper bag along with all of our shopping!

Throughout the day there were times when I was eating a little snack or grabbing a quick drink to quench my thirst as we were walking, and I was amazed at how easy the City Tour LUX was to steer with one hand. It got me to thinking of how well this stroller will work when I am running errands at home as well. I know that I have found my forever travel stroller and I can’t wait to see where it will take us next!

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