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Our Fabulous Stay at Templation, Siem Reap

Templation is a serene oasis that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, which is what makes it such a favorite amongst those who have discovered it so far. The thirty-three guest rooms are tucked away into the expansive areas filled with tropical flora, and many of those rooms include their own private pools.

The main swimming pool is surrounded by palm trees, and those trees reflect off the water, adding to the ambiance of the space. Guests love Templation as it is the perfect destination for those who want to contemplate life and relax throughout their stay.

Our Room at Templation

We stayed in one of the privacy pool suites when we were at Templation, and while it was just the two of us, our room could have easily fit up to four people. Our living room and spacious bedroom with king bed had large picture windows and they led straight out to the massive terrace and open pavilion.

Our large private pool was tiled with slate and had jet streams for an ultimate experience. We also had our own private bathroom, which was open on top, so we had magnificent views of the sky at all hours of the day and night.

What We Considered Our WOW Moments

We loved the food that we were able to devour during our stay including the buffet breakfast that was filled with numerous freshly cooked options.

The staff is friendly and excellent, and they were always wiling to go above and beyond what was necessary. In fact, we even noticed that if we mentioned that we wanted something that they didn’t have available, they would have it for us by the next day or even sooner.

We enjoyed spending our happy hours at the bar, where there are comfortable couches nearby. It was nice to enjoy a drink or two while relaxing near the pool.

We spent hours in our own private pool and it was so difficult for us to leave it behind at the end of our stay. It was wonderful that we had complete privacy as we were swimming, and we never felt like someone was going to disrupt us at any time.

We managed to spend part of a day at the spa, where we had a couple of their fantastic treatments. The massage was excellent and just what we needed to make our time in Siem Reap perfect. We wish that we had had more time to have another one before we left.


Our Ratings:
Location: 7/10 Food: 10/10
Design: 9/10 Customer Service: 10/10
Pool: 8/10 Value for money: 9/10
Rooms: 8/10 Overall Experience: 9/10
Spa: 9/10
Book it:

A night at Templation, Siem Reap starts at £214 for a private pool suite.
Visit their website https://maads.asia/templation for more information.



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